Looking to Remodel Your Kitchen

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Picture: North End Custom Home in Virginia Beach, VA



One of our favorite finishes that’s trending right now is shiplap! This design creates a unique coastal feel for your home. Back in the day, shiplap was mainly used in older homes, constructing sheds and barns because it was the cheaper way to build, but now it’s seen in houses to give a different interior finish instead of just a plain wall. Shiplap is very versatile, so it can be used in any space throughout your house. There are several different ways you can finish shiplap:

  1. Use Cedar wood with a semitransparent stain
  2. Sand and paint the pine wood for a smooth finished look
  3. Natural pine wood with a stain for a natural finish

In one of our spec houses pictured below we decided to use shiplap to add a different interior look for this coastal cottage home. We decided to use cedar wood and sprayed it with primer to create this coastal finish look.


Pictured below is an example of painted shiplap


Picture by: Bungalow Blue Interiors

In this picture below is another way to use shiplap. Here they used hard pine and stained it for a natural finished look.


Picture by: Hallstrom Home

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